A lot of people are now aware that the internet is filled with scam artists, whichever the trade they are in. They can be in online shops, products and services that people are really fond of. The scariest aspect of the internet that they love to target is investment, since there are people that get easily swayed just by showing a video that looks like it was taken by a professional. If you are not aware what this is all about, you should take a search on binary options trading software. It is the reason why you are here – to know more about what kind of scam does the software Qbits Mega Profit System perform.

It seems confusing at this point, but before you dive into the Qbits Mega Profit scam, you should take a look at the key features that an automated trading system should have. You won’t be reading the entire basics about the system here. You can go for a more detailed explanation about it at Investopedia, where you get to see how the established trading systems operate. After reading it, you can proceed to how the scam system is able to manipulate innocent traders into using their system.

Qbits Mega Profit System is one of the many auto trading software that aids the trader with their trade in binary options. However, unlike many other trading software that has already been established over the years, this particular system seems to be doing a different kind of approach. If you visit their website, it will greet you with a video about the profits that they have made from using the system. The video is so convincing that innocent traders easily get swayed by it. But you should look past beyond the video itself. Further than the video is the fact that they stated their members earned $836,562.23 through trading with the Qbits Mega Profit system. However, there were no other details given as how many members they have that are active, much less how much of their money were placed in their trades. If such information is not given out, it is definitely obvious that the system is a fake or a scam. The experts believe it as such, because during their investigation, even the basic information about the developer or the company behind the system is non-existent. They were also trying to look for the CEO of the system itself named Jeremy Hart, but no such man exist. There wasn’t even any Rich Nerd Club, according to the organization stated that the CEO is a part of in the video. Obviously, there are a lot of people of the same name with the CEO, but non of them were CEO or even a part of the company at all.

You will also likely meet a site that will debunk all the statements made by experts about how Qbits Mega Profit scam is all true. Yet, you will also find out that based on the information from above, you will agree that the system is indeed a scam.

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